Bed Bug Heat Remediation

Bed Bug Treatment: Kill Bed Bugs With Heat Remediation

Bed Bugs - RX-Heat Bed Bug Heat RemediationBed bug infestations can be a problem in almost every type of building – homes, rental properties, apartments, hotels, dorm rooms and more. In fact, up to one in six homes report the presence of bed bugs.

The dreaded bug has returned to Iowa cities with a vengeance. Cedar Rapids and Iowa City are no exception. Springer has noticed a rise of infestation level in both of these areas. How do you get rid of bed bugs? Getting rid of bed bugs can be tricky — but Springer Professional Home Services can help. Springer Pest Control technicians use a 3 Pronged Bed Bug Treatment approach – a solution that controls bed bugs using the exclusive and effective RxHeat™ system. Some bed bug populations can be controlled in as little as 8 hours*.

Springer Bed Bug Heat Treatment Solutions Are Ideal For:

  • Residential Properties
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Multi-Family Housing 
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Youth Hostels
  • Group Homes
  • Medical Offices and Clinics
  • Temporary Housing and Shelters
  • Rental property owners and managers
  • University and College Dorms
  • Commercial Properties and Businesses Offices

What Are Bed Bugs and What Do They Look Like?

picture of bed bug

Bed bugs are tiny parasites that feed exclusively on blood. They are wingless and about a quarter of an inch long. What causes bed bugs to live in your house? These types of bugs like to live in warm houses or inside beds, bedding or other sleep areas. Can see bed bugs? Yes, you can see bedbugs, but they’re tricky to see during the day. Because of their flat bodies, they can hide in cracks and crevices so it’s hard to see them during the daytime.

Bed bugs are usually nocturnal, so they typically come out at night.  They are attracted to the release of CO2 from the lungs, the warmth of the body, and the natural disbursement of kairomone that the body produces. They pierce the skin with their straw-like mouths and then suck out blood. You can get bedbug bites on your face, arms and other parts of your body. Bed bugs will often feed in a linear pattern; this matches up with the routing of veins transferring blood.


Bed Bugs Infestations Can Occur in a Variety of Ways:

  • TRAVELLING OR HAVING GUESTS: Bed bugs and their eggs can be carried into your home by visiting an infested dwelling. It is possible to either pickup, transport, or deposit live bed bugs from luggage, purses, shoes, school backpacks,  jackets, clothing, and other personal belongings. Remember that visiting businesses, schools, or homes that have bed bugs can also cause an infestation in your residence.
  • USED ITEMS: Consignment, garage sale, or second hand items may already be infested before you purchase them. Items of greatest concern are furniture, mattresses, bedding, clothing, and plush items. Be sure to thoroughly inspect the items before purchasing them.
  • ADJACENT UNITS: Multi-Family housing can allow for bed bugs to easily spread to the other units or nearby dwellings if there is an easy route for travel. It is possible for bed bugs to travel or move through wall voids, duct-work, plumbing lines or false ceilings. They can also be transported to and from community laundromats.
  • PUBLIC SPACES and PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: People that visit or utilized areas that are infested can potentially carry the bed bugs or eggs back home through their clothing, luggage or purse.  Areas that have been identified as bed bug hot spots are buses, taxis, subways, movie theaters, retail stores, hospitals, clinics, community housing, hotels and motels.

Types of Treatments: How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

There is unfortunately not a magic spray that you can buy to kill a full scale bed bug infestation within your home.  However, with the proper equipment, professional experience, and registered products, it is possible to control them them once and for all.

Springer Pest Solutions recommends the application of wide range electric or propane based “Dry Heat” (118 F to 150 F),  spot treatments of “Dry Steam Heat” (140 F to 220 F) or spot treatments of  “Flash Freezing” with a cryonite system (-15 F) when necessary,  in conjunction with product application and on-going professional monitoring.

Springer Pest Solutions has developed a method of management and control that has been proven successful time and time again.  We take bed bugs very seriously and will create a plan specific for your family, your home and your individual situation.

Unlike some pest control companies that rely solely on harsh chemicals with repeated applications,  Springer Professional Home Services does offers an environmentally friendly IPM way to treat for bed bugs. Springer uses “heat” as a natural pest eliminator. Heat is a non-toxic solution that can control and kill bed bugs using the exclusive and effective RxHeat system.

Why Use RxHeat System to Kill Bed Bugs?

Clinical studies reveal that bed bugs in any stage of development cannot typically survive in temperatures exceeding 113°F. Springer has a unique heat method that heats a structure’s interior between 118°F and 150°F degrees. In a short period of time, these high temperatures exterminate the vast population of bugs, including those pesky ones that hide in tiny cracks and crevices of the home. It is common for people to experience a significantly noticeable decrease in bed bug populations, after the initial service.


Springer Pest Solutions Uses a 3 PRONGED APPROACH to Our Bed Bug Management:

  1. HEAT – Heat is applied for a minimum of 3 hours causing an atmospheric change in the residence. This will prompt the bed bugs to become stimulated an begin moving out of hidden spaces.
  2. PRODUCT APPLICATION – The use of products and specifically labelled pesticides is applied to target zones and crack and crevices, acting as a second level of defense.
  3. MECHANICAL – The employment of tools and devices will assist us with on-going with monitoring, control, and removal of bed bug populations.

The beauty of bed bug heat treatment is that it does not  chase the bed bugs away… it works with the behaviors of the bed bugs, allowing them to come out of hiding, to kill them. This allows hotels, apartment buildings or homes to be inhabited within hours following the bed bug extermination treatment and cleaning. This gives you peace of mind knowing you will not have to deal with any toxicity issues after the bugs are killed. The RxHeat process can be effective in as little as one treatment and can be more cost effective than on-going chemical alternatives*.


Heat treatments apply dry clean heat that offers certain clientele a “green” only thermal approach. Please speak with a Springer Representative if you are interested in the “green” only approach to managing bed bugs. 




Bed Bug Heat Remediation Is:

  • Environmentally friendly – no fumigating
  • Effective – heat will tax or kill eggs and adult bed bugs
  • Convenient – no prolonged downtime
  • Economical – heat treat an entire building or spot treat high bed bug infestation zones while other parts of the building remain operational


*Heat treatment success times will differ greatly based on exterior weather temperatures, infestation levels, structural perimeters, tenant participation, and the amount of personal belongings and furniture.

Can Bed Bugs Carry or Spread Disease?

It has been recently determined by Pennsylvania University that bed bugs could also be a vector of Chagas Disease (also referred to as trypanosomiasis or T. cruzi) along with the well known “kissing bug”. Bed bugs have demonstrated the ability contract and transport this potentially life threatening disease to the human population. Once a bed bug has picked it up, the disease can multiply and even thrive in the digestive system of that bed bug. In November 2014, researchers announced that bed bugs carrying T. cruzi have demonstrated the ability to transmit the infection to lab mice (by depositing infected fecal matter near or on the bite wound). Researched also reported that infected bed bugs were able to transfer the infection to lab mice AND more importantly, clean bugs were able to picked up the parasite from infected mice.

If you feel that you or your loved ones have been exposed to Chagas Disease, we urge you to contact your family physician, medical professional, or local Department of Public Health for further assistance.



Do Bed Bugs Have A Natural Predator?

The answer to this question is unfortunately bitter sweet. In short, bed bugs do have a natural enemy. The bad news is that their enemies are  unsavory pests such as spiders, roaches, and mice.  Not such a good idea for Do-It-Yourself’ers to release these other pests around your house in an attempt to eradicate or eliminate bed bugs yourself.

Mouse brown recluse spider


Are You Looking for a Bed Bug Pest Control Solution in Iowa? 

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