Termite Control Services

Termite Control Service in Cedar Rapids, IATermite Control with Termidor

During the initial inspection, our company’s experienced termite professional will visually examine the exterior and interior of your home or business for signs of live activity or termite damage.

If your Springer Pest Solutions Technician finds a termite problem, they will identify the termidor-certified-smallerproblem areas, recommend the proper treatment method, construct a graph of the property identifying termite target areas, and then issue you an estimate for treatment using Termidor, America’s #1 defense product on the market today.

Termidor is a slow-acting non-repellent product that goes undetected to the termites. Whenever termites touch or ingest Termidor, the termites carry and transfer the product to termites that it comes in contact with.  These termites them become secondary carriers, spreading the product deeper into colony.

While spotting damaged wood is a good indicator that a home may have termites, it’s more likely that you won’t see them or the damage they create. The reason for this is that termites typically live and work out of sight, low to the ground and rarely chew through wood to reach the outside, which would make them more easily detected.

Because most of termite damage is done quietly and covertly, by the time much of it is discovered repairs can reach into the thousands of dollars. Many homeowner associations recommend having regular termite inspections conducted by experienced professionals – professionals like Springer’s, who can not only spot termites and damage but create a program to stop them now and stop them from returning.

Springer Professional Home Services is Eastern Iowa’s termite and pest control company. Serving Cedar Rapids, Marion, Iowa City, Waterloo and the surrounding areas, Springer offers complete exterminator services to protect your home and property.


Whether you need to address a specific pest or termite problem or you just want to schedule regular inspections to avoid future problems we can provide exactly the level of service you need. Call 319-362-2626 today for more information.