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magnify-houseSpringer Professional Home Services of Cedar Rapids, IA, provides real estate services to Eastern Iowans who are planning to buy a home, townhouse, duplex or other residential or commercial property. The purchase of a home is the largest investment most people will ever make so it’s important to have a good understanding of the property’s condition. As a real estate agent or prospective home buyer, it’s important you get the house inspected by a professional home inspector before the sale is final. These home inspections and tests protect a home buyer from legal concerns and provide peace of mind.

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When you find the home of your dreams, ordering a home inspection from Springer is as easy as 1, 2, Free. When you hire Springer for your Home Inspection and Radon test you’ll get a Termite Inspection for Free.

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Home Inspection Services: Three Real Estate Services Home Buyers Need When Buying a Home

ASHI60icon-inspectHome Inspection Services – Our team of professional home inspectors will go out and examine the property to evaluate and report on the property’s current condition – including systems, components, exterior, electrical, roof, plumbing and more.


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icon-radonRadon Testing –Radon is a radioactive gas that can be found in homes. Radon comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water and gets in the air when you breathe. Performing a radon test is the only way to find out what your home’s radon level is. The EPA recommends that you know what the indoor radon level is in any home you consider buying.  The total average indoor radon level in Iowa is 8.5 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) of air. Radon remediation is recommended in most Iowa homes because the total average indoor radon level in Iowa is over 6.5x higher than the United States Average. Our property house inspectors have extensive training in radon detection and mitigation. We use Radalink Laboratories to analyze the radon sample we collect from the property. Radalink Laboratories warrants the radon test if radon testing results are under 4.0*

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icon-termiteWood Destroying Insects (WDI) Inspection – Before a property can be sold, a Wood Destroying Insect inspection and NPMA-33 Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report must be completed. Springer Professional Home Services will come out and inspect the property and report on visible evidence of wood destroying insects like termites and of possible previous treatment of WDIs. If the home is free of termites, the service includes a one-year termite free guarantee and a 30-day carpenter ant guarantee.*

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